The Great Hunt of Fairhawk

“The Hunt has been known to forge heroes, aye. But it makes widows, mostly.” Heroga the Haunted.

The Hunt

While a hunt occurs annually no matter what, The Great Hunt occurs every five years, and is an event celebrated throughout all of Griffin’s Moor. The Lord of Griffin’s Moor always officiates, judges, and sets assignments for the Hunt.


In the current hunt, the teams will have three tasks to accomplish in order to win.


The Hunt originally began as an annual time when the warriors of Griffin’s Moor would head out to hunt the monsters and animals that plagued their land with woes.

Some years, dragons would roost in the mountains. Mostly, Great Griffins would. Whatever the monsters, the warriors would meet up, and take them down.

Over time, this became more of an event, with teams and prizes. The ancient King would also hunt, and looked to bring glory to his line with victory. As time passed, the line of kings eventually became judges and officials insead.

With civilization taking over in Griffin’s Moor, more monsters were driven to isolated places. Sometimes a hunt will use monsters brought in for sport. More often than not, there will be an actual monster plaguing an area of Griffin’s Moor.


While the hunt was once for safety, it now exists as a way to bring glory to the people of Griffin’s Moor, as anyone from the realm can participate—but they must represent a city, town, village, or estate.

The Great Hunt of Fairhawk

The Great Hunt of Fairhawk maxriverafilm maxriverafilm