Telmin's Valley

"At the foot of the mountain sits the town that everybody forgot." –  Mayor Gale Gregorich


Telmin's Valley is currently a dwindling town near the mining frontier of Griffin's Moor. There have been droughts and water shortages, which has resulted in the creeping dry moorlands returning to the area. With a heavy winter that melted off, the townsfolk were able to store a lot of ice and melt it into water. They have temporary respite from the drought.

Yet they know that can only last a few years. There next hope will be to tap the stream that comes off of the Whiterush River.


The town of Telmin's Valley was once a rich mining town. With the strategic location, the townsfolk could easily work mining operations and live a good life. 

While bigger and better operations came into the area, Telmin's Valley hung around, and still does. Yet fewer and fewer miners ever come through. 


Population: 600-800

Demographics: Human, Elven, Dwarvish, and Half-Elf. There is also a small Hafling community, as well. 

Telmin's Valley

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