The Great Hunt of Fairhawk

Chapter 1. The Mayor's Task - Conclusion

A Letter from the Mayor

A Letter from Mayor Gale Gregorich to the Lady Madlyn

Dear Madlyn,

I’m writing you this letter to tell you about the dangers I faced here in my own town. Before your nerves get the best of you, do not worry. I am fine, as is the town! As you know, I am preparing a team for the Hunt this year. While we haven’t participated since before the war, the town feels the time is right to bring back our glory.

However, we ran into some troubles along the way. I had told you about our bandit problems before, which have now resolved — however, we found that a coven of vampires had worked their way into the old part of our town.

Much to my terror, I was taken hostage, along with Shalom Marcus, Brynden (he sold birds), Martine Provost, and Berinon Dale. Unfortunately, Brynden was killed, and the vampire made his thralls drain his blood before our eyes. Berinon tried to fight back, but found that the vampire was much stronger. I thought we were goners for sure.

However, the hunters I hired for the event came to our rescue! After the vampire was vanquished, there was another set of caves the hunters went into, as the house above us was on fire. After some sort of earthquake — possibly demolition — we were blocked by a collapse of stone, but followed some newly formed cracks and tunnels to safety by a dwarf named Geralt. He tucked us away on a ledge on top of the hills these tunnels cut through.

According to my hunters, Geralt the dwarf headed back into the caves. Walking through the cave tunnels, he saw goblins working with dwarven mining techniques. After that, he came upon a clamor of noise, and witness a glorious sight!

I’m getting ahead of myself, though. As it turns out, Scarto, a tiefling paladin of Tempus, and Mondris, a drow monk — strange, I know, volunteered to overthrow the leader of a goblin tribe. I’m not sure what the rest of the group were up to, but knowing Mr. Gooden Plendi, Mr. Pipes Glocynspiel, and Ms. Lily Putian, they were most likely looking for treasure. They claim they were in a pinch, trapped between a magic enchantment and a goblin named Thornak, but who knows. Sounds outlandish, but I find these three to be as cunning as they are creative.

What is really exciting is that Scarto faced off against Gorbosh’s champion, a rather large hobgoblin. The duel worked where one challenger pitted his champion against the other challenger, and then if a champion fell, the challenger could jump into the fight. After praying to Tempus, Scarto raised his maul and crushed the champion’s head with a single blow! Then with two blows, he felled this Gorbosh, and granted Grish-Grosh the leadership of the tribe.

How impressive! Maybe this hunt IS a possibility afterall. It was then that we came back across Jill the half-elf, her mother Sarya, and Maggie returning from Nine Roots. They had a cart, and the hunters escorted us safely back to town. At the inn, the hunters found a collection of pies waiting for them! Mr. Plendi’s boy, Tyson, cooked up a dozen pies and fed the town. It was a good welcoming. I am concerned with the goblins running a mining exposition beneath our territory, but they seemed to have some kind of writ from the Lord of Fairhawk. We will have to watch them.

We set out tomorrow for Overdale, and then we will head to Fairhawk. The Hunt begins soon, and I cannot wait to win glory for Telmin’s Valley. Will I see you in Fairhawk? Please, let me know.


Mayor Gale Gregorich


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