The Great Hunt of Fairhawk

Chapter 2: Prelude to the Hunt

Are We Bonding?

Excerpt from the Mayor’s Journal

…The day started well enough. The hunters seem eager to get started, and I sense one or two of them may be harder to keep in line. This worries me, as we’re heading to the capital of Griffin’s Moor, and the last thing I want is to embarrass our town — or find out one of these hunters has no regard for the innocent.

I’ll have to keep watch, of course. Sometimes the tension is tough — like when Mr. Plendi looked like he was going to implode with anger over a simple griffin messenger from Winged Words. Of course, that monk who never sleeps worries me, and I know Scarto can be a bit… barbaric. The thief and bard seem friendly enough, and Geralt is an outstanding dwarf…

Out and About in Telmin’s Valley

The day started well enough, as the hunters gathered their necessary items for the hunt before leaving town. With visits to Pollock’s Potions, Twirly the Tailor, and even a trip to the local baker, they found their coin purses lighter, but their chances for victory reinforced.

With visits to the tailor and Sarya the elf, Lily, Gooden, and Tyson found themselves ready for travel to the big city.

As they gathered, the group discovered that Maggie the half-orc and Jeanette the cleric would be joining them on their journey.

It’s a Bumpy Road to Overdale

With two carts — one driven by mules, one by a single horse — they set out to Overdale, where they will catch a ferry to Fairhawk. At first, the journey seemed rather mundane.

But as night fell, they made camp, which rubbed Gooden the wrong way. As they set up camp, Mondris wandered to use the bathroom, and was spooked by a snake, which caused him to stay closer to camp. For a while, things seemed calm. They were put on alert when they heard the sound of large, beating wings. In the moonlight, they could see a large war griffin flying overhead.

Thankfully, they were safe from the griffin. But as second watch began, they were offered a nice, cold drink from Maggie the half-orc — which turned out to be some sort of poison or potion of paralysis. As they came to and alerted the camp, they discovered Maggie was gone — but only took what seemed to be a normal contract for a mining operation. She left no traces, except maybe wariness against accepting drinks from strangers.

Dirty Work at the Docks

When they finally arrived at Overdale, they found an encampment of dwarves hanging around the city. The dwarves seemed to keep to their own, but they also weren’t bothering the hunters. So they made their way into town, where they broke off and did their own personal tasks.

Mondris went to a brothel, and was followed by Tyson. To get Tyson off his tail, Mondris gave him some gold and said have fun. Mondris went to a brothel called The Welcoming Peach and searched for his blonde elf woman. Most of the working girls told him to look elsewhere, because by his description and sketch, she must be a high priced lady of the night.

Gooden followed the mayor for a while and saw that he booked passage for the ferry ride the next day, and then headed back to the shops. Scarto and Geralt went to Spike & Blood, a shop owned by Hadrian Borkül. Here they purchased Bloodletter and the Terror, as well as a crossbow. Gooden crossed paths with them before finding Darren’s Dragonhide Emporium. Here he bought some boots of swift feet, and then made a deal for magic items with Darren himself.

The night ended with everyone gathered at the Driftwood Inn, where the mayor laid out their plans for the next day. Tyson sulked for some odd reason, but wasn’t noticed by many of his fellow travelers. Before retiring, Gooden propositioned Lily, asking her to create some labels for his candies.


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