The Great Hunt of Fairhawk

Chapter 1: The Mayor's Task - Part 5

Goblins Have Feelings, Too

A Tense Ordeal

Moments after the vampire was felled, Scarto demanded that Berinon repair his armor for free — or face certain death. Mayor Gregorich exploded with anger, calling this act what it was… cowardice. While some tried to calm Scarto, Berinon told him he could have his armor for free — unrepaired — or he could wait until his hands healed and then pay the full cost.

Knowing his demonic heritage may have pushed this emotional outburst, Scarto backed down. But as the group had a moment’s rest, bobbing lights coming from the winding passage beyond the door let them know it was to be a short-lived rest. Scarto alerted Gooden, and within a few reluctant moments, the group hid and waited to see what approached. Knowing any such dangers could kill the weakened townsfolk, Geralt volunteered to stay with them as their protector until the rest of the group solved whatever lay ahead.

We Are the Vampire

As the light bobbed closer, Gooden spotted two squat goblins approaching. Using his wits, Gooden convinced the goblins that he is the vampire. But before this could lead anywhere, Scarto loosed a crossbow bolt through the skull of one goblin.

The other ran off in fright. Knowing he can’t alert more goblins, Gooden blasted his eldritch energy at the creature. Yet the goblin continued, so Gooden grappled the oily creature, and Mondris convinced it that Scarto was the actual vampire. As he agreed to take them to the boss, Gooden attacked the goblin, extinguishing his life.

A Dangerous Leap

After winding through a rocky passage, they came across a locked door and a winding path. Lily used her specialized toolset to wiggle the lock open. Beyond the door they found a wet room with a deep chasm.

After some inspection, they knew they had to jump the chasm — there was simply some shimmering energy below. Some jumped, and some were tossed. All made it across, but worse for the wear — for a magic missile fired every time someone crossed the chasm. Another lockpicking session brought the group into a rocky treasure room.

Playing Both Sides

The group came across what could be a collection of treasures, but couldn’t put too much time into research — for the room also had two goblin guards. One was felled quickly, but the other sounded an alarm. A hobgoblin and a few more goblins appeared, and battle ensued.

Through the discourse with these goblins, the group discovered that there is a rivalry between a Grish-Grosh and a Gorbosh, and these goblins were pro-Gorbosh. After an intense fight, the goblins went down hard. Yet one goblin remained — and he surrendered, offering his outlook on Goblin affairs. Not caring for such nonsense, Gooden, Lily, and Pipes investigated the wooden crates and stone chests, discovering that they are Dwarven stonecraft, laced with silvery, carved runes.

While they were distracted by the treasure, the goblin who surrendered ran off, escaping their grasps. Mondris and Scarto chased him down.

Crashing the Party

As Scarto and Mondris rounded the corner, they quickly entered a much wider room — one full of many goblins and hobgoblins, dancing to the beat of a drum around a giant pyre. Lily trailed the monk and paladin, but she was spooked when two goblins dropped behind her from the cave ceiling. Thinking fast on her toes, she tossed a vial of acid at one of them, and ran off screaming.

Seeing that they were surrounded, Scarto and Mondris cooled tensions with the goblin shaman, the leader of this praise group. The goblin, Eye-Popper the Face Thrasher, wants to end the feud tearing his people apart — the one between Gorbosh and Grish-Grosh, so he asked these two to meet with Grish-Grosh.

Survival of the Swiftest

As Lily ran back screaming, she found Gooden and Pipes slowly dragging one of the stone chests. Upon seeing Lily running from the goblins, they abandoned their task and ran back into the room with the chasm. Slamming the door shut behind them, they turned towards the chasm.

Without much thought, Gooden leaped across the chasm, taking a blast from the cursed hole and leaving his two smaller companions behind. Worried they couldn’t make the jump, they toss a rope over in order for Gooden to pull them. With a running tug, he yanked the gnome and halfing over the chasm. They crossed with ease, but were blasted with magic, as well.

Knowing they probably have a tough ordeal ahead, they decide to rest in shifts while taking turns to hold watch.

Mr. Grish-Grosh, I Presume

The tiefling and the dark elf were led by the goblins into the cramped living quarters of Grish-Grosh. Surrounded by more goblins still, Scarto and Mondris greet Grish-Grosh, the leader of the mining clan of goblins. More concerned with mining and worshiping the cave god (Warglewesherefoff), Grish-Grosh wants to overthrow Gorbosh. With a goblin-focused leader, they could promote goblin rights, instead of the dark treachery Gorbosh has been pursuing.

With a devilish grin, Grish-Grosh asked if per chance, one of them will serve as his champion in single combat against Gorbosh. To everyone’s Surprise, Scarto accepted the challenge, granted he’s allowed to rest beforehand.


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