The Great Hunt of Fairhawk

Chapter 1: The Mayor's Task - Part 4

"Should we try the key?"

Catch That Vampire

As Montague the vampire escaped from their midst, the fires within the manor house spread. With a crack and a crash, the front doorway (where the fire started) collapsed, sealing the adventurers away from their escape. So they headed upstairs, where they came across another vampire thrall — who was quickly disposed of.

After a swift kick to a locked door, Gooden found a ghast pulverizing a dead body. Knowing he had more pressing issues, he left that room. However, Geralt went in, and between Scarto and Lily, the three quickly defeated it. In another room, Mondris found an empty coffin, but there was nothing of worth there. Across the hall, Gooden felt a personal high as he kicked down another door. Inside of the open bedroom, he found some good, which were then hidden safe within his pockets. The manor house continued to burn, which meant they had to take out this vampire fast.

“F#&@ a Bat!”

With determination, Mondris made his way to the top floor of the manor. Here he discovered a map of Griffin’s Moor, that he quickly pocketed. From the corner of his eye, he saw smoke and mist moving in an unnatural method, so he hightailed it back to the stairs. With the second floor seemingly cleared, and the burning continuing, the adventurers joined Mondris on the third floor. However, they bottle-necked themselves on the stairway headed to the third floor.

On the 3rd floor, the vampire reemerged from his smokey refuge and activated a blood-triggered mechanism to unlock a secret passage. In an attempt to stop the vampire, Gooden knocked over the blood cups on the table, while the other adventurers moved in for the kill. Much to their surprise, the vampire turned into a bat, and flew across the room. Scarto, Lily, and Pipes tried their best to nail the bat with a crossbow, but it suspiciously survived every strike.

To their dismay, the bat turned back into the vampire, and then escaped through a secret passage behind a bookshelf. Geralt used his brute strength to stop the bookshelf from closing, and Gooden offered his assistance. Behind the bookshelf, they found an escape pole, slid down, and emerged in a carved underground structure. After rounding a corner, they entered a large stone room with 3 rusty hooks, dried blood everywhere, with rusty old floor drains.

Through A Dark Passage

With another swift boot kick, Gooden forced his way into an office within the vampiric halls. While a cloud of bats dispersed around him, Gooden dodged their sickening bites. Inside the office, he ruffled through the desk and bookshelves, learning what he could. After passing through the office, they came across a room with a corpse lying on a stone table. The corpse had been drained of its blood, but they could tell who it was —Brynden the Bird Seller from the town market. With a glance across the room, they saw 5 cages, 3 of which held prisoners. Inside of the cages, they found Martine, Shalom Marcus, and Mayor Gregorich. After checking on the now freed prisoners, the party moved further into the caves. There was a small debate over turning back, but knowing the fires would be consuming the upstairs area, the party continued on.

Within the winding halls of the vampire’s den, the party faced the unnerving fear that there was no escape. Mondris, Scarto, and Gooden felt overcome by this fact, and felt disheartened. After a minor panic attack, Gooden suppressed his fear, steadied his hands and pressed forward. While the stone walls were adorned with hanging wrist shackles, they pushed further into the complex. Much to Mayor Gregorich’s surprise, they came across the crumpled body of Berinon Dale, shackled to a wall. After freeing him from his chains, the weakened Berinon was aided by the mayor. Around the corner sat a heavy door, where just beyond the dreaded vampire surely waited.

Vampiric Beat Down

With a kick to the door, the group worked their way in. The vampire turned away from his… what was that? A shrine? a contraption? Regardless, he turned from it and focused in on the players. Before he could make his move, Gooden, Mondris, Geralt, and Scarto surrounded the vampire, while Pipes and Lily laid their ranged attacks. Gooden’s idea of capturing the vampire in a net failed, but he made up for it with a hellish rebuke. Mondris felt the raw power of his ki as he unleashed a flurry of blows, dealing hit after hit, and felling the vampire. Of course, a couple stakes through the heart ensured the undead wouldn’t rise again.

As the group discussed resting, they noticed a door with a note that says DO NOT OPEN WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. While Scarto aggressively demanded the blacksmith give him his armor alterations for free, Gooden kicked the door open without hesitation. He was met with the cold air of a cave system.


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