Welcome to the Moorlands, a land covered in creeping heath, rolling hills, and as many cultures and conflicts as you can fit on a single map. 

Thirty five years ago, the Great Moor War, also known in some circles as the War of Unified Aggression, splintered the entire continent into a shattered war zone.

Over the next decade and a half, the Moors divided and chose sides—which led to a bloody, never-ending conflict that changed society as we know it. Neighbors fought neighbors. Brothers died in each other’s arms. Children lost parents. Entire lines were extinguished. 

Finally, twenty years ago, the Unified Forces found a weak point and crushed the Independents into submission. 

As the losing side of the war, the Independents were forced to bend the knee to the newly formed Unification Council. The most aggressive Moors were stripped of governing powers for the foreseeable future, while lesser offenders were dealt much softer punishments. 

Yet wounds heal, as they say. The realm continued, now with a stronger, unified system in place to maintain peace and order. Yet there are always whispers in the world about… And an open wound will fester over time.

You adventurers are all gathered in Griffin's Moor — a moor that infamously tiptoed the line of neutrality as much as one could. You've all been gathered—and hired—by Mayor Gale Gregorich of Telmin's Valley, a small town in Griffin's Moor, to participate as his team in the Great Hunt of Fairhawk

The Great Hunt of Fairhawk

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