Tag: Griffin's Moor


  • Telmin's Valley

    "At the foot of the mountain sits the town that everybody forgot." -  [[:gregorich | Mayor Gale Gregorich]]


    Telmin's Valley is currently a dwindling town near the mining …

  • Griffin's Moor

    h1. History p. Before the unification of the [[The Moorlands | Moorlands]], Griffin's Moor was a kingdom known for their fierce griffin-mounted warriors. Ruled by the ancient House of Daentemonte, the once-kings now rule as the Lords of Griffin's Moor. …

  • The Great Hunt of Fairhawk

    p. _“The Hunt has been known to forge heroes, aye. But it makes widows, mostly.” Heroga the Haunted._ h1. The Hunt p. While a hunt occurs annually no matter what, The Great Hunt occurs every five years, and is an event celebrated throughout all of[[ …