The Great Hunt of Fairhawk

Chapter 2: Prelude to the Hunt - Part 2

A Letter From Tyson

Dear Father,

Travels with Gooden have been going well, I think. I have been learning much about candy making under his tutelage. Of course, I think I have. We have spent many a days traveling, and then I manned the kitchen at an inn while Gooden burned down a house full of vampires. I think he and his companions helped spur a goblin rebellion, as well. I’m a little unclear on that.

Things got really interesting when we set out for Overdale — It’s a town in Griffin’s Moor. We were ambushed by a spy, and then when we reached town, we saw a gaggle of dwarves encamped around the town.

When we finally left Overdale, we were in a ferry that got ambushed by Red Knaves! They’re a type of thief guild, I think. We had to switch to a better boat after that Knave attack, and we were on a ship owned by a dwarven businessman.

Get this — he had a bunch of slaves on the ship! Scarto, a cool Tiefling paladin of war, freed them, though. Then Gooden’s companions mutinied and sailed the ship into harbor. It was wild!

Like I said, I’ve learned a lot about candy making. Did you know Gooden can speak demon-talk? He speaks the native tongue of the Tiefling, at least. Isn’t that cool?

Anyway, I’m sending this letter by this cool new Winged Words messenger system. Hope it gets to you on time!


Tyson Tiffler


maxriverafilm maxriverafilm

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