The Great Hunt of Fairhawk

Chapter 1: The Mayor's Task - Part 3

Burning Down the House

A Quiet Morning in Telmin’s Valley

After the heated exchange of the night before, the adventurers decided to rest for the evening. Gooden told Tyson to stay and practice cooking. He’s working on making a roux. Nobody downstairs but Heroga, however, Mondris whipped up some coffee.

Discussing vampiric lore, Gooden knew the most of vampires (acquired in his training of candy making, no doubt). He discussed vampiric weaknesses, and even told the others of how vampires can only enter a residence if invited. This prompted an idea in Gooden’s head — what if we purchased the manor house and then told the vampires they weren’t invited? He’d have to speak to Gregorich about this.

After that, the adventurers sought out the mayor. Gregorich’s butler, Crewe Battlebrook, said he never came home, and guessed he would be at the Traveler’s Roost drinking with his friends. Knowing they were losing daylight, the adventurers parted ways.

Geralt and Mondris went off to make stakes to kill the vampires. Lily and Pipes tried to find the armory, but just wandered lost throughout the winding roads of the town.

Gooden and Scarto found the constable, wounded from a nighttime vampire attack. He and his deputies were being treated by the cleric Jeanette. They saw the vampires and associates take away the Mayor and Martine, among others. Gooden and Scarto wished the injured a strong recovery, and advised Jeanette to watch out for any vampire bitten deputies.

From there, Scarto used his innate ability to navigate towns and cities to find the armory. On the way there, they crossed paths with Pipes and Lily, who joined them. At the armory, the four of them gathered as much valuable weaponry that they could find, and much to Pipes surprise, they found a flame-inscribed mandolin, as well.

After clearing shop, they regrouped with Geralt and Mondris, who both had arms full of wooden stakes.

Boulevard of Broken Siege

Exiting the town was quick work, and soon the party found themselves in the abandoned section of Telmin’s Valley. On the way to the manor house, the adventurers were surrounded by burnt down buildings, and even came across an inoperable battering ram, a leftover remnant from the war, no doubt.

As they neared the foggy manor house, a discussion broke out about how to handle this situation. Someone pondered, why don’t we just burn the house down?
Hearing this, Gooden’s hands burst into flames, and he funneled a cone of fire towards the old house.

As the flames crackled into the old wood, the faded red doors swung open. Two ghasts shuffled out, and started attacking Mondris. As the others stepped up to fight, Scarto took a direct hit and found himself paralyzed. Gooden dragged him out of the foray, and Geralt stepped up to help Mondris in combat. Together, the adventurers felled the ghasts. After defeating the ghasts, they revived Scarto and entered the fiery manor house with the two undead creatures now defeated.

Out of the Frying Pan, into the Fiery House

Inside the house, Gooden and Geralt obsessed over the pre-war Crowning Moor rug, and tried to save it from the oncoming flames—all the while fighting another ghast and a vampire’s thrall. With quick thinking, Mondris pulled down the boarded up windows, spilling light into one half of the room.

As combat ensued, Gooden cast an eldritch blast that shot the thrall out of sight. Scarto found himself nauseous at the very site of the ghast, and it’s poisonous claws left him dizzy, as well.

Inside the slowly igniting house, Pipes learned the ways around a crossbow, as Lily showed expert use of her own. Geralt put his newly acquired halberd to use, and together, they felled the ghast. After that, Geralt came across a book titled A Hoot for Helga: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Owlbears But Were Scared to Ask.

Meanwhile, the thrall showed up with a vampire, who wanted to know why these people in its house. Feeling risky, Pipes tried to charm the vampire into a false sense of friendship, but this was short lived as Lily saw the bolt of her crossbow as a better option.
Meanwhile, the thrall confidently commanded Scarto to sit — as if he were a dog. Scarto seethed behind his vomit covered mouth, which gave him the push he needed to fell this vampire servant.

After spider climbing out of the way, the vampire, seeing these vampire hunters were tougher than expected, vanished to the second floor.


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