The Great Hunt of Fairhawk

Chapter 1: The Mayor's Task - Part 2

Lady of the Night

The Temple of Talos

Through the clatter of battle, Mondris woke from his gas-induced slumber. After sneaking into the temple, he caught a glimpse of his cohorts winding down the spiral staircase in the worship hall. As Mondris revealed himself to the group, they also had to find cover from a volley of arrows shot from within a fortified wall.

The adventurers forced their way into the catacombs, which had been fortified by the Red Knaves. The thieves were banished down to the last one, Kristoff, who claimed they bought their goods fair and square—except for the ales and wines. After disposing of Kristoff, the adventurers found themselves facing a locked door and an open chamber.

After several attempts, the locked door wouldn’t budge. Gooden, Geralt, Mondris, and Lily decided to investigate the chamber, which led to a shocking discovery—they were locked in! Much to their dismay, they had to use their own bodies as power conduits from one end of the room to the other, in order to re-open the door. This also opened the locked door across the room, which led them to an assortment of loot, including the town seal and town standard.

Trouble in Telmin’s Valley

After returning the stolen goods to Gale Gregorich, the mayor asked the adventurers to help Constable Gaunt Brook with a series of break-ins the town has been facing. While the adventurers were upset about being delayed once again, they managed to haggle for double their participation fee for the Great Hunt. The mayor also agreed to find a ride for the journey from Telmin’s Valley to Overdale. Gooden showed much dismay against the idea of using mules.

With a full day of adventuring behind them, the group retired at the Traveler’s Roost. While some rested, Mondris went on on a wild goose chase. At the town temple, Mondris talked to Jeanette, a cleric of Lliira, who was more concerned with being joyous. She directed Mondris to Jill the half-elf’s house, but he only found Jill’s father. Unfortunately, Jill was in Nine-Roots selling wool, but her father did inform Mondris of rumors of a lady of the night staying at Traveler’s Roost.

After asking around the inn for this lady of the night, Mondris only found an angered Martine. Realizing the inn is not a brothel, Mondris tried to find Brunhilde, who didn’t show up for work that morning. Mondris then waited in the alley and saw a shadowy figure across the path. He tried, and failed, to follow the shadow.

The next day, the crew showed up to talk to Constable Brook, who they decided was incompetent. After all, he did need their help to do his own job. Yet they discussed the series of break-ins in which silver coins kept going missing. Mondris theorized that Brunhilde is both a prostitute and a thief. They investigated the blacksmith’s house, to which he said he was missing his own silver stash. He needs it to create a really cool sword. At Brunhilde’s house, it looked like it had been recently abandoned. They came up with a plan to create an ambush and capture her alive.

An Arresting Conclusion

At the ambush, the adventurers gathered around a window filled with silver items and waited for the thief to show up. Lily thought about taking silver from the window, but the constable discouraged it. Pipes gleefully dashed up Gooden’s head to hide in a tree, which angered Gooden. He made Pipes appear to pee himself as revenge. When the silver thief finally showed up, Scarto grappled her into submission, and then Gooden attacked her. Seeing her weak, fragile ankle, Gooden knew the best course of action was to break it like twigs. This angered Constable Brook, who attempted to pull Gooden off. As this didn’t work, he smacked Gooden in the head with his baton. A tense stand-off was forming, but was only stopped by the need to attend to the now gravely injured Brunhilde.

Back at the Traveler’s Roost, the townsfolk worked to stabilize Brunhilde. While the mayor was shaken by Gooden’s brute-force tactics, he was more disturbed by Brunhilde’s condition itself—vampirism. Before passing out, she told them of an old manor house in the abandoned section of town that is infested with vampires. The adventurers haggled for the right price for their services to clear out the vampire nest.


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