The Great Hunt of Fairhawk

Chapter 1: The Mayor's Task - Part 1

Thieves in the Temple

The evening began with a gathering of adventurers at Traveler's Roost in Telmin's Valley.

Mayor Gregorich introduced himself, his desire to win the Great Hunt of Fairhawk, and then allowed the players to make their own introductions. After answering a few questions, Gregorich established a contract for the team to compete in the Great Hunt, offering 200 gold per individual adventurer for participation, with an additional 500 gold per adventurer if they win. Gregorich also assured each adventurer that they will also be able to request an audience with the Lord of Fairhawk.

Before they could set out for the Hunt, the Mayor said he has to tie up some loose ends around town. He offered the adventurers a bounty of 20 gold for clearing some bandits who were camped out nearby—for these bandits had taken the town seal and the griffin standard. The group sought out Rangrim Lugehr for more information, and he mentioned that he saw the red-clad bandits heading into the Thunder Hills. Lugehr agreed to give Gooden, Geralt, Lily, Tyson, and Pipes 10 gold for clearing the bandits, as dictated by the mayor.

Upon returning to the Traveler's Roost, Mondris talked to Brunhilde and found out there’s a half-elf with brown hair named Jill in town. It appears he wants to find a golden-haired elf woman. Yet Brunhilde found him distracting and shooed him away. Heroga the Haunted chewed his cud by the fire, while Tyson studied his recipe book as commanded by Gooden, who retired to bed. Most of the adventurers retire or find a place to meditate. 

In the morning, the group packed up and headed into the Thunder Hills to find an old temple that could be used as a stronghold. On the way, they learn more about each other. After Lily pulled out a bag of candy from Pierre Darnell, a rival candy-man in the realm, a debate over the preferred consistency of candies broke out. 

Yet time was of the essence, so the group soldiered on. During this walk, Geralt shared some war stories. He fought in 4 wars total, and saw a bloody battle with the Trolls of the North, who had taken many dwarves hostage. It took 5 dwarves to fell a single troll, but thankfully, his platoon lost only one dwarf. Plus, they managed to take down at least 4 trolls.

As Scarto entered the abandoned temple, he triggered a gas trap. It knocked Mondris out, so the rest ventured on without him. Once in the temple, they encountered a bandit commander and had to dodge electric shock traps. Geralt felled the captain, and Lily found 15 gold, a key, and a commander coin on his body.  After doing a two-man twirl to bring Tyson further in the temple, Gooden activated two levers that triggered an alarm and an electric lock, sealing them inside the temple.



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