The Great Hunt of Fairhawk

Chapter 2: Prelude to the Hunt - Part 2
A Letter From Tyson

Dear Father,

Travels with Gooden have been going well, I think. I have been learning much about candy making under his tutelage. Of course, I think I have. We have spent many a days traveling, and then I manned the kitchen at an inn while Gooden burned down a house full of vampires. I think he and his companions helped spur a goblin rebellion, as well. I’m a little unclear on that.

Things got really interesting when we set out for Overdale — It’s a town in Griffin’s Moor. We were ambushed by a spy, and then when we reached town, we saw a gaggle of dwarves encamped around the town.

When we finally left Overdale, we were in a ferry that got ambushed by Red Knaves! They’re a type of thief guild, I think. We had to switch to a better boat after that Knave attack, and we were on a ship owned by a dwarven businessman.

Get this — he had a bunch of slaves on the ship! Scarto, a cool Tiefling paladin of war, freed them, though. Then Gooden’s companions mutinied and sailed the ship into harbor. It was wild!

Like I said, I’ve learned a lot about candy making. Did you know Gooden can speak demon-talk? He speaks the native tongue of the Tiefling, at least. Isn’t that cool?

Anyway, I’m sending this letter by this cool new Winged Words messenger system. Hope it gets to you on time!


Tyson Tiffler

Chapter 2: Prelude to the Hunt
Are We Bonding?

Excerpt from the Mayor’s Journal

…The day started well enough. The hunters seem eager to get started, and I sense one or two of them may be harder to keep in line. This worries me, as we’re heading to the capital of Griffin’s Moor, and the last thing I want is to embarrass our town — or find out one of these hunters has no regard for the innocent.

I’ll have to keep watch, of course. Sometimes the tension is tough — like when Mr. Plendi looked like he was going to implode with anger over a simple griffin messenger from Winged Words. Of course, that monk who never sleeps worries me, and I know Scarto can be a bit… barbaric. The thief and bard seem friendly enough, and Geralt is an outstanding dwarf…

Out and About in Telmin’s Valley

The day started well enough, as the hunters gathered their necessary items for the hunt before leaving town. With visits to Pollock’s Potions, Twirly the Tailor, and even a trip to the local baker, they found their coin purses lighter, but their chances for victory reinforced.

With visits to the tailor and Sarya the elf, Lily, Gooden, and Tyson found themselves ready for travel to the big city.

As they gathered, the group discovered that Maggie the half-orc and Jeanette the cleric would be joining them on their journey.

It’s a Bumpy Road to Overdale

With two carts — one driven by mules, one by a single horse — they set out to Overdale, where they will catch a ferry to Fairhawk. At first, the journey seemed rather mundane.

But as night fell, they made camp, which rubbed Gooden the wrong way. As they set up camp, Mondris wandered to use the bathroom, and was spooked by a snake, which caused him to stay closer to camp. For a while, things seemed calm. They were put on alert when they heard the sound of large, beating wings. In the moonlight, they could see a large war griffin flying overhead.

Thankfully, they were safe from the griffin. But as second watch began, they were offered a nice, cold drink from Maggie the half-orc — which turned out to be some sort of poison or potion of paralysis. As they came to and alerted the camp, they discovered Maggie was gone — but only took what seemed to be a normal contract for a mining operation. She left no traces, except maybe wariness against accepting drinks from strangers.

Dirty Work at the Docks

When they finally arrived at Overdale, they found an encampment of dwarves hanging around the city. The dwarves seemed to keep to their own, but they also weren’t bothering the hunters. So they made their way into town, where they broke off and did their own personal tasks.

Mondris went to a brothel, and was followed by Tyson. To get Tyson off his tail, Mondris gave him some gold and said have fun. Mondris went to a brothel called The Welcoming Peach and searched for his blonde elf woman. Most of the working girls told him to look elsewhere, because by his description and sketch, she must be a high priced lady of the night.

Gooden followed the mayor for a while and saw that he booked passage for the ferry ride the next day, and then headed back to the shops. Scarto and Geralt went to Spike & Blood, a shop owned by Hadrian Borkül. Here they purchased Bloodletter and the Terror, as well as a crossbow. Gooden crossed paths with them before finding Darren’s Dragonhide Emporium. Here he bought some boots of swift feet, and then made a deal for magic items with Darren himself.

The night ended with everyone gathered at the Driftwood Inn, where the mayor laid out their plans for the next day. Tyson sulked for some odd reason, but wasn’t noticed by many of his fellow travelers. Before retiring, Gooden propositioned Lily, asking her to create some labels for his candies.

Chapter 1. The Mayor's Task - Conclusion
A Letter from the Mayor

A Letter from Mayor Gale Gregorich to the Lady Madlyn

Dear Madlyn,

I’m writing you this letter to tell you about the dangers I faced here in my own town. Before your nerves get the best of you, do not worry. I am fine, as is the town! As you know, I am preparing a team for the Hunt this year. While we haven’t participated since before the war, the town feels the time is right to bring back our glory.

However, we ran into some troubles along the way. I had told you about our bandit problems before, which have now resolved — however, we found that a coven of vampires had worked their way into the old part of our town.

Much to my terror, I was taken hostage, along with Shalom Marcus, Brynden (he sold birds), Martine Provost, and Berinon Dale. Unfortunately, Brynden was killed, and the vampire made his thralls drain his blood before our eyes. Berinon tried to fight back, but found that the vampire was much stronger. I thought we were goners for sure.

However, the hunters I hired for the event came to our rescue! After the vampire was vanquished, there was another set of caves the hunters went into, as the house above us was on fire. After some sort of earthquake — possibly demolition — we were blocked by a collapse of stone, but followed some newly formed cracks and tunnels to safety by a dwarf named Geralt. He tucked us away on a ledge on top of the hills these tunnels cut through.

According to my hunters, Geralt the dwarf headed back into the caves. Walking through the cave tunnels, he saw goblins working with dwarven mining techniques. After that, he came upon a clamor of noise, and witness a glorious sight!

I’m getting ahead of myself, though. As it turns out, Scarto, a tiefling paladin of Tempus, and Mondris, a drow monk — strange, I know, volunteered to overthrow the leader of a goblin tribe. I’m not sure what the rest of the group were up to, but knowing Mr. Gooden Plendi, Mr. Pipes Glocynspiel, and Ms. Lily Putian, they were most likely looking for treasure. They claim they were in a pinch, trapped between a magic enchantment and a goblin named Thornak, but who knows. Sounds outlandish, but I find these three to be as cunning as they are creative.

What is really exciting is that Scarto faced off against Gorbosh’s champion, a rather large hobgoblin. The duel worked where one challenger pitted his champion against the other challenger, and then if a champion fell, the challenger could jump into the fight. After praying to Tempus, Scarto raised his maul and crushed the champion’s head with a single blow! Then with two blows, he felled this Gorbosh, and granted Grish-Grosh the leadership of the tribe.

How impressive! Maybe this hunt IS a possibility afterall. It was then that we came back across Jill the half-elf, her mother Sarya, and Maggie returning from Nine Roots. They had a cart, and the hunters escorted us safely back to town. At the inn, the hunters found a collection of pies waiting for them! Mr. Plendi’s boy, Tyson, cooked up a dozen pies and fed the town. It was a good welcoming. I am concerned with the goblins running a mining exposition beneath our territory, but they seemed to have some kind of writ from the Lord of Fairhawk. We will have to watch them.

We set out tomorrow for Overdale, and then we will head to Fairhawk. The Hunt begins soon, and I cannot wait to win glory for Telmin’s Valley. Will I see you in Fairhawk? Please, let me know.


Mayor Gale Gregorich

Chapter 1: The Mayor's Task - Part 5
Goblins Have Feelings, Too

A Tense Ordeal

Moments after the vampire was felled, Scarto demanded that Berinon repair his armor for free — or face certain death. Mayor Gregorich exploded with anger, calling this act what it was… cowardice. While some tried to calm Scarto, Berinon told him he could have his armor for free — unrepaired — or he could wait until his hands healed and then pay the full cost.

Knowing his demonic heritage may have pushed this emotional outburst, Scarto backed down. But as the group had a moment’s rest, bobbing lights coming from the winding passage beyond the door let them know it was to be a short-lived rest. Scarto alerted Gooden, and within a few reluctant moments, the group hid and waited to see what approached. Knowing any such dangers could kill the weakened townsfolk, Geralt volunteered to stay with them as their protector until the rest of the group solved whatever lay ahead.

We Are the Vampire

As the light bobbed closer, Gooden spotted two squat goblins approaching. Using his wits, Gooden convinced the goblins that he is the vampire. But before this could lead anywhere, Scarto loosed a crossbow bolt through the skull of one goblin.

The other ran off in fright. Knowing he can’t alert more goblins, Gooden blasted his eldritch energy at the creature. Yet the goblin continued, so Gooden grappled the oily creature, and Mondris convinced it that Scarto was the actual vampire. As he agreed to take them to the boss, Gooden attacked the goblin, extinguishing his life.

A Dangerous Leap

After winding through a rocky passage, they came across a locked door and a winding path. Lily used her specialized toolset to wiggle the lock open. Beyond the door they found a wet room with a deep chasm.

After some inspection, they knew they had to jump the chasm — there was simply some shimmering energy below. Some jumped, and some were tossed. All made it across, but worse for the wear — for a magic missile fired every time someone crossed the chasm. Another lockpicking session brought the group into a rocky treasure room.

Playing Both Sides

The group came across what could be a collection of treasures, but couldn’t put too much time into research — for the room also had two goblin guards. One was felled quickly, but the other sounded an alarm. A hobgoblin and a few more goblins appeared, and battle ensued.

Through the discourse with these goblins, the group discovered that there is a rivalry between a Grish-Grosh and a Gorbosh, and these goblins were pro-Gorbosh. After an intense fight, the goblins went down hard. Yet one goblin remained — and he surrendered, offering his outlook on Goblin affairs. Not caring for such nonsense, Gooden, Lily, and Pipes investigated the wooden crates and stone chests, discovering that they are Dwarven stonecraft, laced with silvery, carved runes.

While they were distracted by the treasure, the goblin who surrendered ran off, escaping their grasps. Mondris and Scarto chased him down.

Crashing the Party

As Scarto and Mondris rounded the corner, they quickly entered a much wider room — one full of many goblins and hobgoblins, dancing to the beat of a drum around a giant pyre. Lily trailed the monk and paladin, but she was spooked when two goblins dropped behind her from the cave ceiling. Thinking fast on her toes, she tossed a vial of acid at one of them, and ran off screaming.

Seeing that they were surrounded, Scarto and Mondris cooled tensions with the goblin shaman, the leader of this praise group. The goblin, Eye-Popper the Face Thrasher, wants to end the feud tearing his people apart — the one between Gorbosh and Grish-Grosh, so he asked these two to meet with Grish-Grosh.

Survival of the Swiftest

As Lily ran back screaming, she found Gooden and Pipes slowly dragging one of the stone chests. Upon seeing Lily running from the goblins, they abandoned their task and ran back into the room with the chasm. Slamming the door shut behind them, they turned towards the chasm.

Without much thought, Gooden leaped across the chasm, taking a blast from the cursed hole and leaving his two smaller companions behind. Worried they couldn’t make the jump, they toss a rope over in order for Gooden to pull them. With a running tug, he yanked the gnome and halfing over the chasm. They crossed with ease, but were blasted with magic, as well.

Knowing they probably have a tough ordeal ahead, they decide to rest in shifts while taking turns to hold watch.

Mr. Grish-Grosh, I Presume

The tiefling and the dark elf were led by the goblins into the cramped living quarters of Grish-Grosh. Surrounded by more goblins still, Scarto and Mondris greet Grish-Grosh, the leader of the mining clan of goblins. More concerned with mining and worshiping the cave god (Warglewesherefoff), Grish-Grosh wants to overthrow Gorbosh. With a goblin-focused leader, they could promote goblin rights, instead of the dark treachery Gorbosh has been pursuing.

With a devilish grin, Grish-Grosh asked if per chance, one of them will serve as his champion in single combat against Gorbosh. To everyone’s Surprise, Scarto accepted the challenge, granted he’s allowed to rest beforehand.

Chapter 1: The Mayor's Task - Part 4
"Should we try the key?"

Catch That Vampire

As Montague the vampire escaped from their midst, the fires within the manor house spread. With a crack and a crash, the front doorway (where the fire started) collapsed, sealing the adventurers away from their escape. So they headed upstairs, where they came across another vampire thrall — who was quickly disposed of.

After a swift kick to a locked door, Gooden found a ghast pulverizing a dead body. Knowing he had more pressing issues, he left that room. However, Geralt went in, and between Scarto and Lily, the three quickly defeated it. In another room, Mondris found an empty coffin, but there was nothing of worth there. Across the hall, Gooden felt a personal high as he kicked down another door. Inside of the open bedroom, he found some good, which were then hidden safe within his pockets. The manor house continued to burn, which meant they had to take out this vampire fast.

“F#&@ a Bat!”

With determination, Mondris made his way to the top floor of the manor. Here he discovered a map of Griffin’s Moor, that he quickly pocketed. From the corner of his eye, he saw smoke and mist moving in an unnatural method, so he hightailed it back to the stairs. With the second floor seemingly cleared, and the burning continuing, the adventurers joined Mondris on the third floor. However, they bottle-necked themselves on the stairway headed to the third floor.

On the 3rd floor, the vampire reemerged from his smokey refuge and activated a blood-triggered mechanism to unlock a secret passage. In an attempt to stop the vampire, Gooden knocked over the blood cups on the table, while the other adventurers moved in for the kill. Much to their surprise, the vampire turned into a bat, and flew across the room. Scarto, Lily, and Pipes tried their best to nail the bat with a crossbow, but it suspiciously survived every strike.

To their dismay, the bat turned back into the vampire, and then escaped through a secret passage behind a bookshelf. Geralt used his brute strength to stop the bookshelf from closing, and Gooden offered his assistance. Behind the bookshelf, they found an escape pole, slid down, and emerged in a carved underground structure. After rounding a corner, they entered a large stone room with 3 rusty hooks, dried blood everywhere, with rusty old floor drains.

Through A Dark Passage

With another swift boot kick, Gooden forced his way into an office within the vampiric halls. While a cloud of bats dispersed around him, Gooden dodged their sickening bites. Inside the office, he ruffled through the desk and bookshelves, learning what he could. After passing through the office, they came across a room with a corpse lying on a stone table. The corpse had been drained of its blood, but they could tell who it was —Brynden the Bird Seller from the town market. With a glance across the room, they saw 5 cages, 3 of which held prisoners. Inside of the cages, they found Martine, Shalom Marcus, and Mayor Gregorich. After checking on the now freed prisoners, the party moved further into the caves. There was a small debate over turning back, but knowing the fires would be consuming the upstairs area, the party continued on.

Within the winding halls of the vampire’s den, the party faced the unnerving fear that there was no escape. Mondris, Scarto, and Gooden felt overcome by this fact, and felt disheartened. After a minor panic attack, Gooden suppressed his fear, steadied his hands and pressed forward. While the stone walls were adorned with hanging wrist shackles, they pushed further into the complex. Much to Mayor Gregorich’s surprise, they came across the crumpled body of Berinon Dale, shackled to a wall. After freeing him from his chains, the weakened Berinon was aided by the mayor. Around the corner sat a heavy door, where just beyond the dreaded vampire surely waited.

Vampiric Beat Down

With a kick to the door, the group worked their way in. The vampire turned away from his… what was that? A shrine? a contraption? Regardless, he turned from it and focused in on the players. Before he could make his move, Gooden, Mondris, Geralt, and Scarto surrounded the vampire, while Pipes and Lily laid their ranged attacks. Gooden’s idea of capturing the vampire in a net failed, but he made up for it with a hellish rebuke. Mondris felt the raw power of his ki as he unleashed a flurry of blows, dealing hit after hit, and felling the vampire. Of course, a couple stakes through the heart ensured the undead wouldn’t rise again.

As the group discussed resting, they noticed a door with a note that says DO NOT OPEN WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. While Scarto aggressively demanded the blacksmith give him his armor alterations for free, Gooden kicked the door open without hesitation. He was met with the cold air of a cave system.

Chapter 1: The Mayor's Task - Part 3
Burning Down the House

A Quiet Morning in Telmin’s Valley

After the heated exchange of the night before, the adventurers decided to rest for the evening. Gooden told Tyson to stay and practice cooking. He’s working on making a roux. Nobody downstairs but Heroga, however, Mondris whipped up some coffee.

Discussing vampiric lore, Gooden knew the most of vampires (acquired in his training of candy making, no doubt). He discussed vampiric weaknesses, and even told the others of how vampires can only enter a residence if invited. This prompted an idea in Gooden’s head — what if we purchased the manor house and then told the vampires they weren’t invited? He’d have to speak to Gregorich about this.

After that, the adventurers sought out the mayor. Gregorich’s butler, Crewe Battlebrook, said he never came home, and guessed he would be at the Traveler’s Roost drinking with his friends. Knowing they were losing daylight, the adventurers parted ways.

Geralt and Mondris went off to make stakes to kill the vampires. Lily and Pipes tried to find the armory, but just wandered lost throughout the winding roads of the town.

Gooden and Scarto found the constable, wounded from a nighttime vampire attack. He and his deputies were being treated by the cleric Jeanette. They saw the vampires and associates take away the Mayor and Martine, among others. Gooden and Scarto wished the injured a strong recovery, and advised Jeanette to watch out for any vampire bitten deputies.

From there, Scarto used his innate ability to navigate towns and cities to find the armory. On the way there, they crossed paths with Pipes and Lily, who joined them. At the armory, the four of them gathered as much valuable weaponry that they could find, and much to Pipes surprise, they found a flame-inscribed mandolin, as well.

After clearing shop, they regrouped with Geralt and Mondris, who both had arms full of wooden stakes.

Boulevard of Broken Siege

Exiting the town was quick work, and soon the party found themselves in the abandoned section of Telmin’s Valley. On the way to the manor house, the adventurers were surrounded by burnt down buildings, and even came across an inoperable battering ram, a leftover remnant from the war, no doubt.

As they neared the foggy manor house, a discussion broke out about how to handle this situation. Someone pondered, why don’t we just burn the house down?
Hearing this, Gooden’s hands burst into flames, and he funneled a cone of fire towards the old house.

As the flames crackled into the old wood, the faded red doors swung open. Two ghasts shuffled out, and started attacking Mondris. As the others stepped up to fight, Scarto took a direct hit and found himself paralyzed. Gooden dragged him out of the foray, and Geralt stepped up to help Mondris in combat. Together, the adventurers felled the ghasts. After defeating the ghasts, they revived Scarto and entered the fiery manor house with the two undead creatures now defeated.

Out of the Frying Pan, into the Fiery House

Inside the house, Gooden and Geralt obsessed over the pre-war Crowning Moor rug, and tried to save it from the oncoming flames—all the while fighting another ghast and a vampire’s thrall. With quick thinking, Mondris pulled down the boarded up windows, spilling light into one half of the room.

As combat ensued, Gooden cast an eldritch blast that shot the thrall out of sight. Scarto found himself nauseous at the very site of the ghast, and it’s poisonous claws left him dizzy, as well.

Inside the slowly igniting house, Pipes learned the ways around a crossbow, as Lily showed expert use of her own. Geralt put his newly acquired halberd to use, and together, they felled the ghast. After that, Geralt came across a book titled A Hoot for Helga: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Owlbears But Were Scared to Ask.

Meanwhile, the thrall showed up with a vampire, who wanted to know why these people in its house. Feeling risky, Pipes tried to charm the vampire into a false sense of friendship, but this was short lived as Lily saw the bolt of her crossbow as a better option.
Meanwhile, the thrall confidently commanded Scarto to sit — as if he were a dog. Scarto seethed behind his vomit covered mouth, which gave him the push he needed to fell this vampire servant.

After spider climbing out of the way, the vampire, seeing these vampire hunters were tougher than expected, vanished to the second floor.

Chapter 1: The Mayor's Task - Part 2
Lady of the Night

The Temple of Talos

Through the clatter of battle, Mondris woke from his gas-induced slumber. After sneaking into the temple, he caught a glimpse of his cohorts winding down the spiral staircase in the worship hall. As Mondris revealed himself to the group, they also had to find cover from a volley of arrows shot from within a fortified wall.

The adventurers forced their way into the catacombs, which had been fortified by the Red Knaves. The thieves were banished down to the last one, Kristoff, who claimed they bought their goods fair and square—except for the ales and wines. After disposing of Kristoff, the adventurers found themselves facing a locked door and an open chamber.

After several attempts, the locked door wouldn’t budge. Gooden, Geralt, Mondris, and Lily decided to investigate the chamber, which led to a shocking discovery—they were locked in! Much to their dismay, they had to use their own bodies as power conduits from one end of the room to the other, in order to re-open the door. This also opened the locked door across the room, which led them to an assortment of loot, including the town seal and town standard.

Trouble in Telmin’s Valley

After returning the stolen goods to Gale Gregorich, the mayor asked the adventurers to help Constable Gaunt Brook with a series of break-ins the town has been facing. While the adventurers were upset about being delayed once again, they managed to haggle for double their participation fee for the Great Hunt. The mayor also agreed to find a ride for the journey from Telmin’s Valley to Overdale. Gooden showed much dismay against the idea of using mules.

With a full day of adventuring behind them, the group retired at the Traveler’s Roost. While some rested, Mondris went on on a wild goose chase. At the town temple, Mondris talked to Jeanette, a cleric of Lliira, who was more concerned with being joyous. She directed Mondris to Jill the half-elf’s house, but he only found Jill’s father. Unfortunately, Jill was in Nine-Roots selling wool, but her father did inform Mondris of rumors of a lady of the night staying at Traveler’s Roost.

After asking around the inn for this lady of the night, Mondris only found an angered Martine. Realizing the inn is not a brothel, Mondris tried to find Brunhilde, who didn’t show up for work that morning. Mondris then waited in the alley and saw a shadowy figure across the path. He tried, and failed, to follow the shadow.

The next day, the crew showed up to talk to Constable Brook, who they decided was incompetent. After all, he did need their help to do his own job. Yet they discussed the series of break-ins in which silver coins kept going missing. Mondris theorized that Brunhilde is both a prostitute and a thief. They investigated the blacksmith’s house, to which he said he was missing his own silver stash. He needs it to create a really cool sword. At Brunhilde’s house, it looked like it had been recently abandoned. They came up with a plan to create an ambush and capture her alive.

An Arresting Conclusion

At the ambush, the adventurers gathered around a window filled with silver items and waited for the thief to show up. Lily thought about taking silver from the window, but the constable discouraged it. Pipes gleefully dashed up Gooden’s head to hide in a tree, which angered Gooden. He made Pipes appear to pee himself as revenge. When the silver thief finally showed up, Scarto grappled her into submission, and then Gooden attacked her. Seeing her weak, fragile ankle, Gooden knew the best course of action was to break it like twigs. This angered Constable Brook, who attempted to pull Gooden off. As this didn’t work, he smacked Gooden in the head with his baton. A tense stand-off was forming, but was only stopped by the need to attend to the now gravely injured Brunhilde.

Back at the Traveler’s Roost, the townsfolk worked to stabilize Brunhilde. While the mayor was shaken by Gooden’s brute-force tactics, he was more disturbed by Brunhilde’s condition itself—vampirism. Before passing out, she told them of an old manor house in the abandoned section of town that is infested with vampires. The adventurers haggled for the right price for their services to clear out the vampire nest.

Chapter 1: The Mayor's Task - Part 1
Thieves in the Temple

The evening began with a gathering of adventurers at Traveler's Roost in Telmin's Valley.

Mayor Gregorich introduced himself, his desire to win the Great Hunt of Fairhawk, and then allowed the players to make their own introductions. After answering a few questions, Gregorich established a contract for the team to compete in the Great Hunt, offering 200 gold per individual adventurer for participation, with an additional 500 gold per adventurer if they win. Gregorich also assured each adventurer that they will also be able to request an audience with the Lord of Fairhawk.

Before they could set out for the Hunt, the Mayor said he has to tie up some loose ends around town. He offered the adventurers a bounty of 20 gold for clearing some bandits who were camped out nearby—for these bandits had taken the town seal and the griffin standard. The group sought out Rangrim Lugehr for more information, and he mentioned that he saw the red-clad bandits heading into the Thunder Hills. Lugehr agreed to give Gooden, Geralt, Lily, Tyson, and Pipes 10 gold for clearing the bandits, as dictated by the mayor.

Upon returning to the Traveler's Roost, Mondris talked to Brunhilde and found out there’s a half-elf with brown hair named Jill in town. It appears he wants to find a golden-haired elf woman. Yet Brunhilde found him distracting and shooed him away. Heroga the Haunted chewed his cud by the fire, while Tyson studied his recipe book as commanded by Gooden, who retired to bed. Most of the adventurers retire or find a place to meditate. 

In the morning, the group packed up and headed into the Thunder Hills to find an old temple that could be used as a stronghold. On the way, they learn more about each other. After Lily pulled out a bag of candy from Pierre Darnell, a rival candy-man in the realm, a debate over the preferred consistency of candies broke out. 

Yet time was of the essence, so the group soldiered on. During this walk, Geralt shared some war stories. He fought in 4 wars total, and saw a bloody battle with the Trolls of the North, who had taken many dwarves hostage. It took 5 dwarves to fell a single troll, but thankfully, his platoon lost only one dwarf. Plus, they managed to take down at least 4 trolls.

As Scarto entered the abandoned temple, he triggered a gas trap. It knocked Mondris out, so the rest ventured on without him. Once in the temple, they encountered a bandit commander and had to dodge electric shock traps. Geralt felled the captain, and Lily found 15 gold, a key, and a commander coin on his body.  After doing a two-man twirl to bring Tyson further in the temple, Gooden activated two levers that triggered an alarm and an electric lock, sealing them inside the temple.



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